"Howling Grief" C10

by theurgist

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released March 27, 2015



all rights reserved


theurgist Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Track Name: A: Howling Grief pt. I
The air is too thick to breathe
With every attempt, I feel my skin crawl
I can feel myself sink into the earth with this unbearable weight on my chest
And with god's help, my lungs will collapse

I can feel my core oscillate to the point of nausea
I can no longer take it so I spill the contents of my stomach onto the bathroom floor

I know you hid that revolver in your closet
I know where you hid the bullets

My fingers tremble at the thought of my final solution
And I curse the existence that led me here

I've thrown my prayers to the void
And my ears ring with the sound of my grief howling back at me

My head is pounding and a cold sweat pours down my face
I grasp hold of my escape
For a single moment the earth stands still

And I take my last breath
Track Name: B: Howling Grief pt. II
A forearm shredded and splayed spills forth life, excised pain stains the floor in a wash of warmth

A tattered rope frays and snaps from the weight of a once burdened form swinging by neck from the rafters

A final gasp escapes from a plastic bag bound tight to a face too scared to show itself anymore

A collective sigh of relief

The world is no longer frightening