god has entered my body like a body my perfect size (full stream)

by theurgist

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this was originally planned to be a very lengthy full length release. i had more lyrics written and more material in the works. a lot has changed and a lot of the content prepared for this release is long lost, including full tracks, vocal recordings, the high res art for a cassette release and the actual track list itself. this is a stream of what i scraped together to finally finish the album/ep a year after i started it.

finding this file 2 years after i started working on this album, and almost a full year since Theurgist ended, put me in a weird place. on one hand, i kind of ended the project with a bad taste in my mouth after a string of bad/unfulfilled shows (excluding one where i performed a track from this album + another track for this album that never was recorded). on the other hand, i felt as though it would be a terrible waste to leave this behind. i spent a lot of time and energy recording and performing as Theurgist and to leave almost half an hour of unreleased material buried on a hard drive or a lost cassette, potentially destroyed in the near future, just wouldn't sit well with me in the long run.

other info:

- the first bit of audio was part of the original release.

- 8:43 was something I started for a split with Masked Diode from Japan that kept getting postponed on both sides.

- 15:20 was another track that was meant for the original release of this album, however the vocal tracks were never finished and were eventually lost.

- 19:07 was originally the B side of what was meant to be a tour tape for my west coast travels with Ambersmoke that i never had the pleasure of experiencing.

- the last track was in collaboration with AMULETS.

there was meant to be another half hour of material most of which had vocals written or planned. i don't know if i'll ever go back to it but maybe one day, i'll consider finishing it all.


released December 31, 2015




all rights reserved


theurgist Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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